Handmade luxury boho jewelry - personally designed and inspired by my love for geology!

▪️Natural Vibes▪️Raw Crystals ▪️Marble▪️Neutral Colors▪️Delicate Jewelry▪️Dainty Necklaces ▪️Natural Stones

Welcome to my boutique, affectionately called Estrella + Luna.

✨What I love:
I love natural stones, crystals, marble anything, delicate jewelry, dainty necklaces, and neutral tones! I love the natural understated elegance that minimalism entails as well as anything with a chic natural vibe.

What I sell:
I am selling my personally crafted and designed jewelry that I believe expresses my personality and love for geology!

🖤Thank you so much for stopping by and please do feel free to ask me any questions you may have. 🖤

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